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Gift for music lovers, wooden pickcase along with an engraved wooden pen


Luxury at its best.
A special gift for every music lover!

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Gift for music lovers, wooden pickcase along with an engraved wooden pen

By purchasing this code you can get a wooden pick storage case of high quality and aesthetics! Along with comes a luxury wooden pick for guitar, in which, we can engrave on tne one side a favorite photo and on the other side the message of your choice, a wish or a symbolic date! The wood used to create this gorgeous pickcase is from Hawaii, a rare wood called Koa Acacia. It has a light brown color in various tones such as, orange, dark brown and even a few black lines. Koa is widely considered to be the most beautiful of the native hardwoods of Hawaii. Its sculpting is extremely good with smooth finishes and beautiful natural sheen. In the pickcase you can storage about 12 picks (depending on their thickness) On the pick case we can engrave along one of the 8 ready-made musical themes that we have prepared for you. (product images)


1-1- In the field "Enter text" enter the message you wish us to engrave on the one side of the wooden surface.
The text should not exceed 35 characters.

2-In the field "Choose a pattern for engraving on the case" you can choose which of the 8 ready-made designs you wish to engrave along on the top of the case. (product images)



When your order is placed, you can send us the photo you want to engrave using the following methods:
-Via email to info@pickanote.com
-Via Viber at 6981885498 (profile name "Pick a Note")
-Through the contact form (click here )
In the "file selection" field you can upload the photo you want (By filling in the required fields)

ATTENTION: Do not forget that at first you should place your order and then you should send the photo you want to engrave. (choosing one of the above ways)
Also something very important, do not forget to mention the order's number that has been sent to you.

If there is any problems while creating your order, Pick a Note's order manager will contact you immediately to avoid any mistakes.

*Sending a high resolution photo is important for the quality of the engraving. Make sure it has very good resolution, proper lighting and faces are "in the front". (as the examples in the product photos)

Pickcase Dimensions

  • Length 6.3 cm.
  • Thickness 1.8 cm
  • Width 4.5 cm
    This pickcase can hold from 5 to about 12 picks (depending on their thickness)
    It can be easily used by any musician as a very beautiful and elegant pick storage case!

It should be noted that the colors displayed in the product images may differ from screen to screen. With the high resolution photos we use we try to ensure that the product you get will be the same or very close in color to what appears in our photos.



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